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Wake up to a beautiful, warm and sunny day at City Homes. Open those blinds and escape to a comfortable paradise filled with luxurious, modern homes. With construction spanning over four different states, City Homes' mission is to expand our reach and continue to build reliable, long-term homes for you. It's time we found YOU a place to call home.


City Homes Rebrands Luxury with the Essex Model. You're looking at a sleek, suave, contemporary home with an abundance of space for any crowd. This modern home includes 6,270sqft of living space with a whimsical whirlpool and hot tub to wash away any worries in your way.
You deserve the Essex.


The Crestview is a 3,419sqft home that elicits true relaxation and comfortability. Immerse yourself and your family into a luxurious 6-bedroom wonderland surrounded by windows and complete with 2 garage bays.

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